Friday, June 19, 2009

How To Maximize Profile Views On Blogger

Blogger User Stats
It's another weekend again soon. Tomorrow is Saturday already, Anyone got plan for weekend? Or stay home for blogging only? :yuhuu

This time, i got tips for u who use blogger for blogging. Maybe some of u already know about this Simple tips about "How To Maximize Profile Views On Blogger"

What is Profile Views?
When we visit a blog, usually can find profile about the webmaster or if its a blog then called blog owner. We can see detailed information about blog owner by clicking "View My Complete Profile" on blogger. In my blog its located at right side of this blog. After click that, then we can see the User Stats and Profile Views also located there (See picture there)

How many times already your profile viewed? Maxed? :D
Here i want to share my experience on how to maximize it to its limit. Mine already maxed out :)

It's very easy actually, just go to blogger profile u want to maximize is profile views then use "refresh" feature on your browser. It'll increased Simple right? :banana But its tiring to keep clicking refresh on browser. If like that then u can use Firefox as your browser and use "ReloadEvery" addons. It can make your browser auto reload/refresh Now just set it to keep reload every 5-10 seconds and leave it for few hours then your profile views will increased automatically.

There's weakness of using this method, blogger will limit your profile views after u reach at random number. For example mine limited at 1600 views, but that time i saw people with 300.000 views and 500 already limited. :nono

This way is bandwidth killer if u use volume based for internet.#-o
Have a nice weekend anyway althought its still too fast still Friday now.
So its up to u want to use this method or not. Wan to try it?? :p

Saturday, June 06, 2009

TimTam Crush at Weekend

TimTam CrushTimes like very fast..
Suddenly it Saturday again and it means weekend. Looks like just yesterday I change my blog domain but its really weekend already. Usually at weekend times, it's very nice what else if not watching soccer match :P Unfortunately most league at europe including my fav (French Ligue 1) is having holiday now. 2008/2009 season is over & waiting next season start. My fav (PSG) got no title this season :( and only finish 6th at clasement althought they reach runner up for a few weeks.

It's so dissapointing :( I wan see them playing at UEFA Champions League but they cant finish at top 3 of Ligue 1.

So to remove any sadness in my heart when after i take my dinner outside I decided to buy this TimTam Crush. What is that? As you can see at the picture right there, its a chocolate :P According to its commercial, it'll give you happiness each bite LoL :P This TimTam Crush cost around 5k IDR if converted to USD like $0.5/pack. I bought this at traditional market follow government order prefer buy something there than supermarket or minimart.

Continue this TimTam Crush got 5 pieces for 1 pack. What is interesting for this choco is their commercial. Like parodied for whitening cream. Not breaking the law cause what TimTam Crush parodied is not competitor product. How come whitening cream compete against choco? :P

Ohya something like forgotten here, TimTam Crush commercial also put "Bite it everyday for max result" Issit true can get max result? What is it? Of course! It'll make you BANGKRUPT!! if you keep spend your money for it :P

OK enough I want go watch France - Turkey. Btw which side u belong? :P

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Change to New Domain

No more but now ok?