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Posted on 7:10 PM

Semi-Migration to Ubuntu

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UbuntuBy looking from this post title, maybe u askin "Why only semi-migration? Why not full migrate to Ubuntu? Hehe there r still other factors that keeps mi avoid to use only Ubuntu as OS.

At 1st, i only wan try ubuntu using flashdisk with my friends (try http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/ if u wan booting use flashdisk) but after i try it finally i decide to fully install it because if booting thru flashdiskm any setting will b reset after restart. So i dual boot it with Vista cause in Ubuntu i still got some drivers n application error.

It also troublesome sometime, after install it codec for audio n video nt found, so i must go update it. I also only noe sudo wvdial at terminal still very noob here. Hehe just learning use it.


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I hear ubuntu is getting better. I might migrate when the OS is fully functional for me.
For the meantime, I'll stick with my xp and vista.

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