Thursday, May 28, 2009

Semi-Migration to Ubuntu

UbuntuBy looking from this post title, maybe u askin "Why only semi-migration? Why not full migrate to Ubuntu? Hehe there r still other factors that keeps mi avoid to use only Ubuntu as OS.

At 1st, i only wan try ubuntu using flashdisk with my friends (try if u wan booting use flashdisk) but after i try it finally i decide to fully install it because if booting thru flashdiskm any setting will b reset after restart. So i dual boot it with Vista cause in Ubuntu i still got some drivers n application error.

It also troublesome sometime, after install it codec for audio n video nt found, so i must go update it. I also only noe sudo wvdial at terminal still very noob here. Hehe just learning use it.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bye Axis!!

After keep thinkin about this provier, finally i decide to throw this GSM card. Rate of this card keep rising whole time n i can't afford that. Who can guarantee it won't rise anymore?:P

Before throw this card to garbage, i test this connection with speedtest for keepsake.

Comparing with other providers i use, this 1 actually have a nice quality. Stable at peak time and less disconnect. But overcharge of its rate makes me lazy to use it anymore. Ping 299ms included good for wireless connection.

So, Bye Axis!!:P

Monday, May 18, 2009

Tryin USB Warmer

Sometime we feel piqued, when we make drink like coffe, tea, or milk suddenly it very fast get cold. Those kinds of drinks taste better if we drink it while still warm.

To make our drink keep warm at nice temperature, this USB Warmer is worth to try. Very suitable for me who mostly online at nite hour. :P

This 1 is free, i got this from my parents. If need buy maybe i still think it 1st want use that or not. Because after i go check, it cost around 100k IDR which means quite expensive for me.

In the manual it said:
-Keep drink warm at 50-60°C
-Easy installation, no driver required, plug & play
-Rated power: 2.5W-5V DC
-With on/off switch
-Red LED indication when warmer is turned on
-Quality insulation material around the metal hot plate prevents burns
-USB powered, no batteries needed

Sorry if quality of the picture not so good, that 1 taken use webcam cause i dun have digital camera :P