Thursday, October 30, 2008

2nd n 3rd Award

3rd Award

2rd AwardAfter I received my 1st award, now i got 2 awards again from same person, my friend Lina who keep busy with her social activity :P

Like usual after received award then must give it to another friend :P so i'll continue this award to my friends:

1. cimut, gd luck with ur new job
2. Om Piter, thanks for ur tips
3. Yolanda, our car expert
4. Mas Harry, real Harry Potter
5. Bu Dokter Josephine, gd luck 2 become a doctor
6. Kumagcow, from Philippines BULAGA!!
7. Foto Unik, update me about ur new unique photo

Dont 4get to continue these award :-D

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Finally My Huawei E220 Modem Unlocked

Locked Huawei E220 Modem

Tired of Indosat 3G that keep idle while connected to internet, finally i decide to change the SIM/USIM Card n plan will use either Kartu As with Telkomsel Flash packet or AXIS with IDR 0.7/kB. But when i insert those card into my modem i realize tat my modem is unlocked n only can be used with Indosat SIM Card (Indosat 3G, M2, IM3, Mentari & Matrix).

After around 3 hours googlin finally I found the way how to unlock it :mrgreen: At 1st I confused with the instructions then after i try it again finally my Huawei E220 Modem unlocked n now I can use any SIM Card :P

Thank you to for sharing.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Back for Bloggin Again =p

For around 2 weeks already i hvnt touch this blog, finally i back again with this blog. Really miss with this bloggin activity, miss posting new entry, miss blogwalking on ur page, miss spammin commentin ur post & much more to do of course.

Wow just notice this is my 1st post in October! I'm so lazy right?

Thanks anyway for kip visitin this blog while i away n slackin all the time :P
Now i sure busy visitin u back who hv visit me while i away :P

Keep Bloggin!!