Thursday, August 28, 2008

Free Internet Tips

While waiting maintenance from HighStreet 5, nothing to do so I go search search another lame things to share. This time i'll share some tips how to get access to internet for "FREE". Ya "FREE" no charge at all!! No need setting anything on modem,proxy,etc!

Recently internet is very important to us, u couldnt see this tips if u nt connected 2 internet. K, I share the tips nw:
1. Become a lan shop worker
2. Become bf or gf of lan shop owner
3. Use ur office connection, u wun pay it office de sure pay
4. Ask ur bf or gf 2 go with u 2 lan shop den ask him/her 2 pay

With all tips there sure u can get free access 2 internet. Hapi browsing!!

taken fr here


Best MV said...

Lumayan nih tipsnya, langsung coba ya

Daniel GM said...

ada ada saja... keep posting... nice...

NYoMaN said...

@best mv
silakan dicoba
@daniel gm
hehe, ya keep posting thx

Bayu Aditya said...

lol, ada2 aja nih tipsnya. tapi boleh lah.. :P

NYoMaN said...

@bayu aditya
hehe, silakan dicoba =P